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Lasas & Loekov can be found on the Grote Marktstraat in The heart of The Hague. We are not simply an interior store, but a unique combination of hand picked products, original art and professional styling and interior design. Our stylists bring together very different styles to create interiors with tension, beauty and a bit of imperfection.

Lasas & Loekov, what a special name! Where does the name come from? Saskia (Lasas) and Loek (Loekov), sister and brother, founded Lasas & Loekov in 2014. Lasas is French, representing elegance and refinement and Lukov is Russian, representing strength and boldness. Two extreme styles that are combined within our store.

We believe transparency, honesty and personality are important and that in our opinion, an interior is complete only once all senses are stimulated. Since opening, our team of specialists has grown, together we work to create a special experience for the customers in our store. We are not afraid to push the limits of what is possible - to find what is both beautiful and exciting.

Curious? Come and take a look at Lasas & Loekov at De Grote Marktstraat 16A.

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