Need help bringing some excitement to your home?

Lalo Styling

Having trouble creating your perfect home?

With Lalo Styling we offer you the possibility to design your home, office, shop or any other space with the help of professional stylists who push boundaries and dare to stimulate the senses. Can your space use excitement and innovation? Let us first explain how we can help you achieve that.

We begin first by getting to know you with a personal consultation. In addition to your hobbies and favorite color, we will ask questions about your space, how it is used and what vision you may have. For example, would you like us to help you create a particular atmosphere? Are there items already in the space that will need to be incorporated into our design?

We will also collect practical information about the space; Layout, recent photographs, physical samples of the floor etc. With this we are able to develop a good understanding of your space and what the possibilities are.

This initial conversation is without obligation and takes place while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, with us in the store. After getting to know you and your needs, we will make an initial proposal, from there it up to you if we go further

Once our proposal is approved we develop a plan/strategy. we then will create a moodboard / atmosphere impression to illustrate our rough idea for the space.

After this the design phase starts. What we design is entirely up to you. We can develop a layout and a furniture plan, or color and materials plan. If you have difficulty in lighting, we can make an extensive lighting plan with a shopping list. If you would like to see the whole picture, we can create a 3D impression so that you can see exactly how your space will look.

The Final stage is development. With the plan in your pocket you can get started transforming your space yourself, or If you prefer we can offer assistance as well with planning / coordinating, furniture placement and any painting.

Need help bringing some excitement to your home?

Some pictures of an interior advice for a lovely couple from Breda. They struggled with finding the right furniture for a big space. They liked natural colours ad materials. We combined them with black accents what makes it a good mix. The sofa is placed this wat to separated but also combine the living and dining areas. The cabinet is designed by Loekov himself.

Het gezin dat in dit huis gaat wonen wilde graag het strandgevoel in huis maar wel op een moderne manier. De natuurlijke kleuren en materialen combineren goed met de zeegroene kleur die op verschillende manieren in het interieur terugkomen.